Friday, March 18, 2011

A Busy Day with Elaine

I thought it would be fun to see what Webster has to say about the word busy because there is a whole lot of busy going on at my house! 

Busy-1-Employed with constant attention; engaged about something that renders interruption inconvenient.  2-Actively employed; occupied without cessation; constantly in motion.

Yep!  That pretty much describes Elaine!

She found my little stool and drug it over to a drawer in the kitchen, opened the drawer and became “busy”! 

She likes to play “peek a boo”.

Busy rockin’ with Grandpa

Busy yakin’ on the phone

Elaine playing with Little People
Busy playing

Elaine spilled the Cheerios
Busy totin’ the Cheerios

Elaine spilled the Cheerios
Busy smilin’

The result of being busy!

And you can usually follow a trail of busy throughout the house.  It kind of reminds of one of the Family Circus cartoons where there is a trail of “where Dolly has been” on her way to do something Mommy asked.  How I wish I could also post for you all the busy sounds that go with Elaine.  (I can only understand “uh-oh” and “No” quite clearly.)

Needless to say we are loving all of it! 

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