Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turn Your Radio On and Get Ready for Easter!


I have been listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss since she came on the air nearly ten years ago.  Wow!  that’s a long time.  In the past few years I have listened by podcast.  This is ROH’s tenth year of ministry and they have been replaying some of the series women have found the most helpful and listened to the most.  Tune in and have a listen, I promise, you will be blessed!

Yesterday Nancy began a brand new series that will take us up to the days just after Easter.  It is called The Incomparable Christ.  Last year Nancy read the book by J. Oswald Sanders in the days leading up to Easter.  It was such a blessing to her that this year she is taking the book and using it as this new series. 

I decided I wanted to get the book and use it in my quiet time, reading a chapter each day and following along on the broadcast with Nancy.  I thought maybe some of you would want to do the same.  You might even have the book already on your bookshelf, and just have never read it (whew, like many of mine) or not in a long time.  I encourage you to get the book and tune into Revive Our Hearts in your area.  If she is not on the radio in your area,(and she is not if you are in Denver), you can podcast like I do, or go straight to the website and listen each day.

Easter is about six weeks away yet.  And I am not needing six weeks to get my house cleaned and decorated or a meal planned and prepared.  But the inside of me probably needs every bit of six weeks to prepare!  Taking part in this venture does make me a little nervous though because when I look at Jesus Christ I will find myself so lacking. I know there is a lot more of “Sherry” than of “Jesus” in my motives and thinking and desires.  Even all the good stuff that I do that I think is so righteous and godly can not compare to Who He is. In fact it is down right ugly on the inside.  I know I do not want to look at that ugliness and admit it is there.  But, to look at it and then to Chris, and be transformed into His likeness, that I’m looking forward to!

I’m excited to share this and invite you to come along for the journey.  By the time Easter arrives, we might all be transformed and have a deeper love in response to all the Christ is.  Let me know if you decide to, we can pray for each other and encourage one another!


Leah said...

I just might do this! I read the book when I was in college, but not since then, and it's been almost 6 years. I know I have it around here somewhere- just need to dig it out again! I love the ROH stuff as well- used to get the newsletter and then when we moved so many times I stopped getting it. I have used some of her material in counseling women and found it very helpful.

wally said...

Great! I will remember you as I am reading along! BTW, you can receive ROH devos and things by email. Just sign up on the website!

Debbie said...

Hi Sherry! I just ordered this book. Thanks for the challenge! I'll have to check into listening to the podcasts. Since I watch Braylon everyday I think that will be the easiest way for me to keep up with the series.

Sherry said...

Yeah Debbie! I'm so glad. And you are a very blessed Grandma!


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