Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncle Status

I searched my picture file but I just could not find one picture of Wesley holding Elaine before this picture--

Gramps' Funeral
Elaine was nine months old and we were together for Gramps’ funeral.  I know we were together when Elaine was a newborn, but Kenny and Wes both said, “we don’t do babies!”  Wes has warmed up to his Uncle status, but not so sure about Kenny….

Gramps' Funeral

Wesley went all out and bought the perfect outfit for Elaine---

Elaine's new OU outfitElaine's new OU outfit

This visit with Elaine, Wes was the favorite, sometimes preferred over Grandma and Grandpa even!

Elaine and Wes in sunglasses

Elaine at the Denver Zoo

Elaine at the Denver Zoo
I probably shouldn’t tell you this because you may not come to visit me now, but Wes has a pet snake.  His name is Snoops.  He introduced Elaine and Snoops--- and was not too pleased that she tried to squeeze his head off.

Elaine did not seem to like my basement (it does have some scary places), but she didn’t mind gaming down there with Uncle Wessie!

Hanging out together!

Elaine preferred, Mother approved, Uncle!

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Becky said...

This was cute, and no, Kenny still does not "do babies." lol :)


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