Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Last week Kenny came home with his fiancé Becky.  We had a wonderful visit together.….and entirely too short!   We had met Becky twice before, at Kenny’s graduation and this past June at the Godby reunion.  It can be kind of scary when your children grow up and choose a mate.  That new person added to your family can certainly change the dynamic of your family, for good or bad.  And have you heard that little poem, “When you have a daughter you have a daughter for life.  When you have a son, you have a son until he takes a wife?”  I do think there is some truth in that.   I have sort of dreaded the day the boys would grow up and find their wife.  That is why I am so thankful this week for Becky.  I know it is called Thankful Thursday,  but I have been thanking the Lord for bringing Becky into Kenny’s life all week long.   She is easy to talk to and likes to laugh and have fun.  She plays the piano and it was nice to hear ours played again.  I enjoyed that she and Kenny were content to just hang out at the house and visit while we played games or worked in the kitchen.  Most of all, it is obvious that Becky loves and trusts the Lord.  Becky seems to complement Kenny perfectly!  It will be exciting to see how God used this couple in the future.  Thank you Becky for making it easy to welcome you into our family!


I got this picture from Becky’s camera card…it was taken after the Christmas Cantata at Kenny’s church.  Kenny directed the choir and Becky accompanied  on the piano.  Don’t they look beautiful together?

Here’s some other things we did together while Becky was here.  She has also posted on her own blog, Life in the Big City,  pictures and stories of her visit to Colorado.  You can read all about it here .

Last Tuesday we went to the Buckhorn Exchange for dinner.  It is a fun restaurant and a bit pricey.  But they have a Birthday club and they give you the percentage of your age off of your meal.  Wally and I both have December birthdays so it works out well, especially now that we are 50 something off!  It is a unique restaurant, serving a lot of exotic game meat.  The walls are covered with mounts of all kinds, even a two headed sheep.  Also on the walls are pictures and memorabilia of well known people who have visited the restaurant  Being the oldest restaurant in Denver they display liquor license number one and JFK’s fishing license when he visited Colorado.  Our table was near photos signed by Bob Hope, James Cagney, Ronald Reagan and Mike Nelson.  Yep, Mike Nelson the channel nine weatherman signed his photo to be hung with the other “notables’! 

After dinner Kenny went to play soccer with Wes.  Wesley plays on a 3 on 3 indoor team on Tuesday nights.  Becky went to watch.  When they all came home, we decorated the tree.  It was late, like 11:00 pm and I was tired.  But it went pretty fast with Becky opening and unwrapping ornaments and Kenny helped me hang.  Yes, Wesley went to bed and Wally dozed in the chair.  Then on Thursday night, we opened gifts with the kids. 

I am thankful for you Becky and you too Kenny for making a good pick!

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Andrea said...

Ahhh...last year I was in that picture with my bros! Maybe next year...or the next. I'm thankful for Becky too! Now Elaine can have cousins (well, maybe in a few years!)


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