Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to…ME!

It was my birthday on Saturday.  I may as well just confess up front that I turned 29, yet again!  So my birthday started out early, as most Saturdays.  Our leader’s meeting for Bible Study is every Saturday morning at 6:30.  The admin team and I arrive at 6:00 to unlock and set up.  Just as we were about to start, Wally steps inside the door and has a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses.

They really are beautiful and smell good too!

Kind of a funny story.  Wally pulled up along side the curb near the door where we enter for leaders meeting.  I tis in front of the church’s dumpster.  Our class secretary stands at the door to greet our leaders as they enter.  She said to me, “I think someone is wanting to use the church’s dumpster.  He  is just sitting by them and waiting.  I think he knows I am watching him too!”  So I stepped outside to investigate.  I said, “I think that’s my husband’s truck!”  Well, Wally knows he has been had and pulls up and says, “you weren’t supposed to come out.  I can never surprise you!”  And it’s true.  I have always known when he was up to something!  But honestly, I thought he was just going to leave  a sign on my car or put something inside it.  So he did surprise me by coming inside with the roses!

On Sunday, we went out to lunch with my folks and Scott after church…Did you know you get a free burger from Red Robin if you join their birthday club? 


Nice picture of us, I thought.  I also thought I should have run a comb through my hair!Smile


Great picture of my parents also!  I love these two so much!

Pretty good picture of Wally and I with Wes.  Scott was trying to take it low because there was so much light coming in through the windows, that he got mostly glasses and straws!  I cropped it as best as I could!

And this is not a very good picture of Scott and his friend Carol.  I did not even notice that she had her eyes closed.  (So sorry Scott and Carol!)

In our family when there is a Birthday, Western Union always calls with singing telegram!  It’s a little shocking the first time someone newly added to the family gets that call.  But for those of us who have received it many times over the years it is part of your Birthday!!  Can’t imagine a birthday without that call!  I was blessed throughout the day to get birthday wishes by text, ecards from some family and Scott left a singing “Happy Birthday” on my voice mail!  My friend Kathy Huryk in DC always calls me on my birthday, and we had a nice chat.  And can you believe the celebration is not over?? Wally’s birthday is on December 14.  Kenny and Becky come in another week, so we are planning on a family dinner at the Buckhorn Exchange for both our Birthdays then.  (S-o-o wish Ben, Andrea and Elaine could come too!)

Thank you family and friends for being a special blessing in my life!


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