Monday, December 27, 2010

Savories of the Season

Before Christmas slips into a memory, I wanted to savor some of the things I enjoyed over the past weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

My advent devotions---just such a blessing to me this year as I thought not only of Christ’s first coming to earth to be my Savior but looking forward to His second coming when all of the world will finally acknowledge Him as King!  I suppose the study in Isaiah has whetted my appetite for this event as well. 

The Christmas Tree---I have always thought the decorated tree was the most beautiful Christmas decoration.  I have enjoyed just sitting with a cup of coffee and looking at the ornaments in the lights.  I enjoyed reading my Bible by the tree and thinking on the nativity scene underneath it.

Christmas Music---The perfect ingredient to the day, listening to it, singing along and having the message of the carols in my mind!

Candles---I like candles most of the year, but there are more of them at Christmas time.

Christmas projects---this year I put together a calendar of Wally’s Dad for his Mom.  That was very special to me, thinking of her delight in it when she saw it and will get to see it all through the year.  I also did a desk top calendar for Wally of Elaine.  I made a cute tray of teatime for Jo and lots of gift bags and jar toppers.   I will post pictures later.

Christmas videos---These kept me entertained while I scrapped.  My favorites are “A Season for Miracles” “Little Lord Fauntleroy”  and “The Story Lady”

Revive Our Hearts---I also listened as I scrapped to podcasts of Nancy’s teachings, some with a Christmas theme but not all.

Starbucks Christmas Blend---I got in on one of their bogos and kept my coffee cup full at home and when I was out!  And aren’t Christmas mugs fun to drink out of?

Christmas Cantata---I think this was the very best cantata our church has ever done!!!  The music was wonderful, the choir did a great job!  And the story in the drama touching.  Our Sunday School Kids sang one of the songs and they also did a really great job!  Of course the little ones always add “cute” in a big way when they are on stage!  Our church was packed!  Even Wally has commented several times about how good the Cantata was this year.

Kenny and Becky’s visit---It was just what my Mom heart needed!  I know the travel ended up being a huge hassle but I am so glad you guys could come!!

Wesley---Also good for my Mom heart to still have one of the kiddos home.  And how thankful I am for God’s protection over you on the road each day as you drive many miles in your job!  This past week particularly it was nice to have a few more meals together than  we normally get to share! 

Christmas Eve with my family---We had a great time laughing, as usual.  JoEllen was in rare form, making every one laugh!!  At one point when Wally did fall asleep, Kyle (my nephew) got Jo (my sister) to slip skittles into his mouth when it dropped open!  I’ll have pictures of Christmas Eve posted soon too.  I love my family!!

Sype on Christmas morning---We watched Elaine open her gift from us, a baby doll.  They sure make it difficult to get a toy out of its packaging these days and Elaine was really wanting that dolly that Dad could not get released from the box!  This dolly came with a pacifier and it was funny watching Elaine try it out and also compare it to her own!  Oh she is so cute! 

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