Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

 It is hunting season.  Deer hunting season.  Wally, Kenny, and Wesley all have buck tags!  Actually, only Wally still has a tag because Kenny and Wes both filled theirs this week. Kenny shot an 8 point whitetail in North Carolina on Monday. Sorry I have no pictures to show you of his deer. He did text us one, but he took it when it was getting dark and so it is not very clear to share. He is now hunting for a freezer!  Wesley began hunting on Wednesday.  And on Thursday at 2:30, he called to say he had his buck down!


Good Job Wes!!

Wally and Wes are hunting near Bennett on some land where our friends Gerry and Amora live.  Wednesday morning Wally went out with Wes in the morning.  Wally sat up on the hill glassing for deer while Wes  was down in the field in a blind.  They were texting back and forth…high tech hunting!  After  several hours, Wes was pretty cold and decided to come out of the blind and walk to the truck to warm up.  He had just started up the road and, you guessed it, the big buck went walking by his blind!  Wes stuck it out all day and Wally went on to work, returning in the afternoon.  On Thursday Wally had a full day of work so Wesley went out early by himself.  Just before 6:00 am when it was still dark, Wesley said he could literally put the barrel of his gun out the blind and touch another really big buck.  But it wasn’t light enough to shoot ;(  At one point Gerry called Wally who called me to text Wes and let him know there was a big buck in the tree line.  Kind of a funny way to hunt!  Shortly after that though, I got the text from Wes that his buck was down.  He texted me, “I’m shaking so bad I can hardly text”.  He was very excited! 


Wally wanted to have a picture in front of his license plate.  Smile

Wally hasn’t begun his hunting yet.  He hopes to go out this week.  So maybe I’ll have more pictures  to share of his big buck!   Good job guys!

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