Monday, December 6, 2010

An Editor’s Note

I guess I misunderstood part of the story from Wesley’s hunt.  In my last post I had said that Wes could put his gun outside the blind and touch the buck. Wally re-explained it for me when he read my blog last night. The deer were outside Wesley's blind in the middle of the field.  Wesley was watching it from Gerry's blind at the edge of the field and near the tree line.  So… if Wes had been inside his own  blind, then he could have put his gun outside the blind and literally touched the big buck! 

I learned two lessons here.  One, Wesley should have stayed in his own blind!  Two, Wally should proof read my hunting posts!Smile

1 comment:

Andrea said...

That's funny - and yeah, I thought Wes should have stayed in his blind too. Tell Dad not to be too picky - he has a hunting blog but he never writes on it!


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