Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday Boy

Perhaps I should say, “boy oh boy, oh boy”!   Wally is now a half of a century old!  Unbelievable!  Surprised smileNyah-NyahWinking smile!  I know he will do fine with this added year of age, because I did it last year!  Well, I really wanted to give him a surprise party.  If you know anything about Wally, you know party animal does not describe him!  But sometimes you help people grow in the areas of life where they are lacking!  We grew Wally a whole bunch!  Since we had gone out to eat on Tuesday, Wally, pretty much was moving on, thinking the birthday was behind him.  Little did he know!

Andrea created and sent out the email invites for me.  Wesley thought the perfect ploy to get Wally out of the house was for Wally to go watch Kenny and Wes play soccer together.  Well they didn’t get out of the house too early for me to change clothes and throw up some decorations.  Thankfully some people came early and helped me out, thanks Mom, Alethea and Bakers!  I must say I did not know so many people could fit into our house…pretty much standing room only!  I was a little overwhelmed, but everyone seemed to be happy, even though most of them stood for the entire time!  Of course every plan has a hitch and the boys did not return with Wally on time.  But finally I began getting text messages as to their coming…turning onto Quincy, passing the lake, in the neighborhood…And finally


Then Wally came in with that “deer in the headlights look!”Then

See the bright lights reflected in his glasses?


And did I mention he got nailed with silly string?  Sorry about the pics, I must have been nervous!

Wally was thoroughly surprised.  Know how I know?  He didn’t know what to say!  There was a point earlier in the evening when I thought he was on to us.  He said things like, “do you want me to vacuum up for tonight?”  Then there was the panic moment when he was in the shower to get ready to leave with the boys and he said, “tell the boys to go on and you and I will come over later.”  Not to worry though, he never had a clue.  Several times over the next couple of days he thanked me for the party and couldn’t believe how many people came!  So thank you friends for coming and sharing the evening with us!  There were many gifts brought, but your friendships are irreplaceable gifts in our lives!

Plenty of hot air to blow out all of those candles.  He must be a salesman!   Don’t worry, we removed the batteries from the smoke alarm before we lit the candles!

Mission Accomplished!

Happy! Happy! Birthday Wally!  May this next year of life the Lord has granted you, find you growing in His likeness, abundantly blessed by His goodness, and serving Him!

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