Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Cards

Is it okay to be thankful for card making and scrapbooking?  I think I am!!  Here are some cards I made for Thanksgiving. 

Mom had asked me to make place cards for the table.  These are kind of cute don’t you think? 

Inside we write a scripture verse or passage about Thanksgiving.  After dinner we pass the Bible around the table and each person reads their scripture. 


Becky said...

I really liked your place cards, they're really cute! Is the scripture reading you did a family tradition? Kenny and I have been talking some about different things our families do around the holidays and that sounds like a wonderful thing for us to start/continue.

Sherry said...

Well sort of. I did it whenever we had Thanksgiving at our house. But most of the years we spent going to OK for Thanksgiving with Wally's family. So we didn't really have any traditions of our own. I heard about this in a book or something and I always liked it.


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