Friday, November 5, 2010

It’s My First Anniversary

…of being a Grandma!

One year ago today, just after midnight I held my granddaughter for the very first time!

Grandma Godby & Elaine

And what a wonderful year it has been!


Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says, “If I had known that having grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first!”    Now I have loved being a Mom, but in a lot of ways that is so very true!  And we are only on grandchild # 1.  Wally and I are here in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate Elaine’s first  Birthday!  We have had a wonderful day full of smiles and laughs.  And the party isn’t until tomorrow!

We started our day by sleeping late…we had a few travel issues and did not get in until 2:30 am.  (Poor Ben came and got us at the airport and still had to get up and go to work.)  We played with Elaine…of course…

Then, my favorite New York thing to do, we grabbed a bagel…mmm, so very good…and tried to keep up with Andrea as she headed down the street and down a lot of steps, with the baby and stroller to the subway.  She is already a New York Girl!  We did this to “run to Target for a couple of things.”   That just looks different in New York!

Here’s just us girls on the subway

 Along one street we noticed some building going on.  Can you believe all of these permits posted for the job?  Wally got a kick out of that and we had to get a picture!

On our way home we took Elaine for some fries at McDonalds.  She didn’t need a Happy Meal because she is happy all the time!

On a side note, see that yellow stuff on the tray?  It is sweet-n-sour sauce on a cup lid.  They just have it out in a dispenser like the ketchup.


This was a mistake, she liked it….


         …a whole lot!

It was just so, so much fun to watch Elaine toddle around all day… with her purse on her arm or with her dolly,  just a jabbering away.  Wally loved crawling around on the floor with her and tickling her and he can really get her laughing! 

I’ll leave you with just a couple more pictures of tonight.  Wally wanted to take everyone out to eat.  We found a hibachi house and decided to walk…fourteen blocks isn’t too far.  Elaine looked so cute on her Daddy’s shoulders with her hat on and she was just a smiling away up there!


Happy Birthday to Elaine…party tomorrow!

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