Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

A Blessed Thanksgiving

Last Thursday my soon to be daughter in law posted a “Thankful Thursday “  on her blog,  Life in the Big City.  I told her I loved the idea and was going to borrow it for my blog, anticipating that the first one would fall on Thanksgiving Day.  So, welcome to Thankful Thursday!  (I sure hope I don’t forget next week)

I asked Wally what he was thankful for last night as we drove to our annual Praise and Pie service at our church.  You can guess what topped his list:

***My granddaughter and my future grandson—grand parenting is a wonderful blessing.  No pressure Ben and Andrea!

***All that God has blessed us with,  our kids, health, finances (we’re debt free!!!  That was a shout out to Dave Ramsey!) a job, each other…

***I would add that this year I am very thankful for God’s hand of protection.  On Monday, a tornado hit Union Grove, WI and the Christian home for mentally disabled, Shepherd’s where my sister Jo lives.  There is much damage but all residents and staff are fine and buildings are still standing.  My Mom talked with one of the staff on Tuesday and she said the last time she saw JoEllen, she was in a group of girls who were singing!  There is a lot of lessons on trust in those words!

I also feel like my “gratitude attitude” is a bit overshadowed.  There have been a few “issues” hanging over my heart in the past few weeks.  But I am reminded that we are to give thanks in all things, and so I am trying to change those issues into prayers and trust each time they overwhelm me!  That makes me very thankful for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and for His Word, the source of all that I need!

Wally and I are home this year, and without any of our children.  Ben, Andrea and Elaine are in Massachusetts with Ben’s family.  Kenny is in North Carolina with Becky and her family.  Wesley is in Tulsa, OK with Lauren and her family.  We will be heading to my Mom and Dad’s house in a bit for dinner with the Colorado Pauls.   Have a very blessed day with all of those you are gathered with!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him.”   Psalm 34:8

Pictures of our day to follow!

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