Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cheerios Kid

Wally and I had a wonderful time in Brooklyn, NY.  If we lived closer to Ben and Andrea we could get rid of our TV and just be entertained by Elaine! She just toddles all over chattering away.  I would love to know what she is saying in her baby chit-chat! I know I say it over and over but she is just so cute.  

You may have heard how Elaine loves Cheerios, especially if you follow Andrea’s blog.  Cheerios are the magical food.  Elaine goes to the cupboard and helps herself to the box.  When we were out and about and she would fuss, we just pulled out the Cheerios container---happiness for the mouth!  For her Birthday, Sissy (Ben’s Mom) gave Elaine this great book.

Each page is  designed with Cheerios and then there are some holes incorporated  so Elaine can add her real Cheerios!  Its very cute. 

The best start to our day while in Brooklyn, was having Elaine crawl into bed with us (though sometimes early)…and of course she had her Cheerios with her!  She was willing to share however!

Personally I think General Mills should contact Elaine for their next ad campaign! 

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