Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Stuff

So, while we did not attend Zane’s race, I did borrow some pictures from Grams.  Tim is Wally’s younger brother and Zane is his 16 year old son.  As I mentioned before he is involved in cyclocross.  In fact in the race a week ago he placed third. Since then he received an invitation to participate in the Worlds Competition taking place in Belgium over his Christmas school break. Tim just happens to be his coach.  I actually googled cyclocross to understand it a little better.  You can too because I am not explaining it here…I am all about pictures! Rolling on the floor laughing  You can also Google Zane Godby and read about his progress.

Muddy Race

Zane takes the Bronze

Maddie, Zane, Tim and Ann

This is a biking family.  Maddie is in training for the Olympics in the cycledrome event.  You can google her too.  In fact when I did I discovered Maddie has her own blog called 2 Wheels Are Better Than 4.  Check that out too!

Zane and Gramsie

On Saturday Wally and I drove to Laramie for Kaylah’s Senior Violin Recital.  I have memories of Kaylah as a pretty young girl having her violin at every family get together.  However I could not find the picture to prove it. Yet I would have to stretch my memory to recall a time when she did not have her violin along!  But it has paid off.  She did very well.  She will begin her student teaching soon.  Her long term goal is to go to Malaysia where she will teach.

Brock and Kaylah.  Brock accompanied Kaylah on the piano.

Leah (Wally’s sister, just in case you didn’t know), Kaylah and Gramsie

The Driskell’s, Marlin, Michael, Leah, Kaylah, and Nicole


Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

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