Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Brooklyn Bridge

Argghh!  I forgot all about sharing pics of my day with Andrea and Elaine and the Brooklyn Bridge.  I guess when I returned home, life was happening kind of fast and kept putting it out of my mind…way out apparently!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, completed in 1883.  It took 13 years to build and cost 15.5 million dollars!  It connects the New York City Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cars drive underneath and pedestrians and bicycles cross the East River above.  The bridge is not very long, just over a mile.  It has become a well known part of the NYC skyline and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

Here are some famous sightings I took from the Bridge---

Lady Liberty

The Empire State Building

Lower Manhattan

 I had to take a picture of this…they get so much of our money!

Below is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge beyond. It was built to alleviate traffic, cars driving above and the subway running on the bottom.

We shopped, (I bought souvenirs) and  people   watched, (I tried to keep my mouth from staring and snickering.  Sometimes you can’t help yourself and with so many people, there is just more to be amazed at!)  and we had New York pizza for lunch. On the way home we crossed through City Hall Park.  This was a pretty fountain there and notice the lights burning, they are gas lights. 


And of course we had to grab a Starbucks to sip on the train!

Andrea should never have let Elaine try a gingerbread latte…

Elaine enjoying a latte

Elaine enjoying a latte

Don’t her eyes look almost angry here??  She wanted the cup all to herself!

Elaine enjoying a latte

   Oh, so much happier here !!

Grandmas shouldn’t tell these kinds of tales, but Elaine threw a screaming hissy fit while we were on the train, thoroughly embarrassing Mommy and Grandma.  I’m just sure there must have been something in that gingerbread latte! 

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