Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Visit

Last week Wally’s Mom came to Denver.  The reason for her visit was to participate in two events of two her grandchildren.  Zane, our nephew was in a bike competition.  He competes in cyclocross. Kaylah, our niece is a senior music major at the University of Wyoming.  Her senior violin recital was this past weekend. 

This pic of Wally and his Mom were taken at the recital.  We were so laid back while she was with us, I forgot to get out the camera.

You may remember recently that Wally’s Dad went to be with the Lord.  This trip was Grams’ first trip with out her husband.  She is embarking on many “firsts” especially as we head into the holidays. I know it has been tough for her.   It was a “first” for us as well.  The first time Grams came to visit and no Gramps was with her.  He was certainly missed.

Although there are many bittersweet emotions, I think our visit was on the sweet end of the spectrum.  Wally’s Mom was with us from Monday until Wednesday.  Since Wally works, I got to benefit.  Grams and I have not chatted and visited like that in a very l-o-o-ng time!  We had no family celebrations to attend to or kids to interrupt.  We just had a couple of lazy days to share over a nice cup of tea. 

Last year Grams and Gramps took a big road trip out west in their fifth wheel.  Grams still had pics on her camera so we downloaded them onto my computer and she shared some of their trip.  Gramps had some plans on giving toward some missions projects and I heard what Grams is doing to honor his desires.  She also shared what she is doing to finish up changes in their home that were in progress.

I was thinking that the last time we visited like this, in my home, no other commitments bringing us together, was when she and Gramps came.  Grams had her sewing machine and box of fabric scraps.  She let the kids choose designs that she embroidered on her machine.  She gave me some lessons on my serger and we made an outfit.  Here’s a picture of the kids in their matching nightshirts she made them=====we were so overdue for our visit!


Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,

Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

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