Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Since I never got around to posting this last Thursday, I thought I would slide in a Thankful Tuesday edition.  I just wanted to acknowledge Andrea for my blog makeover!  What a blessing to have a talented daughter who watches over the techno side of my life!  Last week she sent me an email giving me some links to check out with cute spring designs.  She knows me well enough to see something that I will like and pass it on.  (She does this a lot, not just for blog designs!)  Now the blog design is not her work, but the header is.  She even managed to keep a few apples in there for me.  We just need to connect long enough to change out some things on  my side bar and then I will be all set!

While I’m thanking Andrea I might just brag on her a bit.  She truly is talented.  Check out her own blog, Random Issues.  She has endless ideas of things to make for your kids, the home, the kitchen, and organizational projects she has completed.  And Andrea is the thriftiest homemaker I know…she shares those ideas as well. She uses her creativity and organization skills in her online cloth diaper business, Doable Diapers and in many of the ministries at her church.  I know I’m the Mom, but she truly does have many abilities and I am so proud of her!

Thanks, Sis!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Aw, thanks Mom! And thanks for giving me that computer program for my birthday...so that I could design the header for you!


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