Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Bee-zy Night

Last week Wally and I met my friend Gayle and her husband Michael for tacos at Yolanda’s.  FYI…the best place for tacos we have found since Mexico!  Gayle and I go to Bible Study together and Wally and Michael had met before, but not sure if they remember.  Earlier this year I discovered Gayle and Michael had a bee hive and had harvested their own honey.  They had a swarm of bees that had started living in a wall of their house.  When Gayle called around to have them removed, she thought it was funny when she was asked if they wanted to keep the bees!  I guess Michael did not think it was funny…and the rest is history.  Michael is really into the bees, has read a lot about them and knows a whole lot!  He has even photographed them in their hive.  All of that background info is to say, Michael was more than happy to help us move our bee hive from our house to the Polo Club.  We had two brood boxes and two years ago our bees left in the winter. Last spring a swarm moved in…I shared that here. With our nice weather, we needed to get them moved, settled, and ready to pollenate our new neighborhood!

It was dusk when we reached the house.  All the bees would be back in the hive and Wally and Michael wrapped all the cracks and openings with duct tape…a man’s best tool!

photo (19)             photo (18)

When dusk turned to dark, another tool came into play.  Gayle and Michael had a flashlight app on their IPhones!

photo (21)     photo (13)

Once we reached the Polo Club, the guys carried the hive to its new spot…hidden behind the tennis courts. Michael wanted to be sure the ground was level and can you believe it, he had a level app on his phone too!

photo (11)

Thanks Gayle and Michael for your help!


(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I think my camera had low batteries)

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