Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Bee-zy Day!

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Here is our hive in its new home.  Our boxes had been setting crooked on top of each other when they were empty.  When the new swarm moved in, they were using the gap as an entrance to the hive.  So we left it covered with duct tape and only opened the bottom.  On Saturday, Wally bought a third box and Michael came over and helped straighten the two brood boxes and then add the third box, a honey super box.  This is where the bees will now make their honey and the brood boxes will be used only for the babies. 


So here’s Wally getting ready to set the new box.  Michael brought over his smoker.  It is supposed to make the bees think the hive is on fire and so they prepare to leave the hive and while they are busy securing honey to leave with, they are not busy stinging the bee keeper. 

The top of the hive...I just find that amazing!


Wally getting ready to remove one of the slats in the hive…I’m sure “slat” is not a bee keeping term, but we are still learning!

Success…the wooden slat is removed!


Wally and Michael were able to examine the honey comb.  There was not much honey as the bees eat on it to survive the winter.  The wooden frame is what the bees make their honeycomb on.  Somewhere in the middle of the hive, the queen bee is busy laying her eggs.  The “babysitter” bees take the eggs and place them in the comb and seal it up.  It becomes a larvae and then hatches into a bee….that has to get to work!  There are a lot of trees and flowers waiting to be pollenated!

By the way, how do you like Wally’s new beekeeping duds?  We need to see if they make any for a dog. Gypsy went running up to the hive the first day and got stung!  Now when she sees what direction we are walking in, she stops about half way there! 

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