Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today we celebrated my Dad’s 86th Birthday.  We’re only a month off, his Birthday is actually February 7.  It’s terrible to think we waited so long to celebrate but between a big snowstorm on Dad’s Birthday weekend and Mom having surgery a second time, it has taken us this long to get together.  Not only did we need to party for Dad, but for Mom too.  This is the only outing she has had since going to church on Christmas Day!  So we decided to meet up for breakfast.

Robin and I caught Dad pouring out tea for Mom. It was a simple gesture but it reminded me of all he has done to care for Mom.  To just say the laundry, cooking, and shopping does not begin to describe it!  And this has been going on since November 7 when Mom fell.  Well, back to the tea… of course once he knew we were trying to get a picture, the thoughtful moment passed and he was posing!


We ate at The Original Pancake House.  Mom and Dad, Robin, Wally and I had eaten there before.  But this was the first time for Terry and Scott.   So we ordered up their special apple pancake. It’s not like any pancake you’ve eaten before, I’m sure!


We had mentioned we were celebrating Dad’s birthday and also they brought out one of their crepes with a candle in it and sang to him.


Party People:

img_4585Terry and Robin


img_4580Sweet sisters!

img_4589Sherry and Wally

(Wally was actually roofing the garage of Mom and Dad's neighbor.  He took a break long enough to join us for breakfast.)

img_4583Mom and Dad

We had a great time together, good food, lots of coffee, catching up and laughter!!  Here is the funniest exchange that I can remember from this morning, (but I did laugh very hard)!  Dad was showing off his hearing aide and Terry asks if he has a “remote” so he can turn the volume up a bit.  It seems he does miss a lot yet.  So Dad starts telling us about the batteries and how often he has to change them… 

Terry: So how long does the battery last?  Dad: That depends on how much listening I do!










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