Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW! What a Week!

I know it is only Tuesday, so “what a week” actually refers to last week!  I am still in recovery mode.  Last week our church had their Vacation Bible School.  No matter how much I gear myself up for it, it is always a big week…kind of a love-hate relationship.  Maybe hate is too strong a word, but I never look forward to VBS.  It is a lot of work and I only get  more tired as the years go by.  Yet it is only one week.  You can do about anything for one week.   Especially when you consider you get to give the gospel out each day to a large group, hand delivered to you.  And while we may not know what children are impacted by that until eternity, we do get a glimpse when you are sure of those few who truly did understand and did trust Jesus as their Savior!   Good stuff!

We started this year off with on-line registrations of 186, the week before we began.  I believe our highest attendance day was 199…we just could not break the 200 mark!  I’ve said this before, but we do have a really good VBS program.

Here is our group during the opening.  It looks kind of pink…maybe I forgot the flash?  The kids are intent on the penny parade, a competition all week between the girls and boys.  We actually have  a “money changer” each day, so the kids can turn their dimes, nickels and dollars into penny rolls.  The competition is by won by weight!  The pennies are given to a different missionary each year. 


On this day the girls were about to win…the red bucket!  We did however lose the week to the boys…for the third year in a row!!


We also have a skit in our opening.  This year it was Treasure Island!  Each day we have a Bible lesson (that’s when I get to teach), game time, craft or music (alternating every other day), snack and we end each day with a missionary story. This year, our new Pastor, having been a missionary in Africa for 12 years, brought lessons from the jungle with a spiritual application.

Here is my group waiting for the missionary story to begin.  Our highest attendance was 70 and our lowest was 63.  How grateful I was for good team leaders!!  They did a great job!


We end on Sunday night with a program for Mom and Dad…and watermelon!  It was a tremendous week, exhausting yet rewarding!

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