Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting Ready to Party!!

On Thursday evening us girls did a bit of scrapping.  We needed to make Birthday cards for Ben.  (It was his Birthday on Friday.) 

img_3591She’s a natural!


img_3592Those are hands from both Mom and Dad…helping!


Ben says it’s a keeper…he’s a good Dad!

Then Andrea made Ben a chocolate cake...His favorite!  Yes, she turned the oven on in 100+ heat.  Yes, that was at night time! No, that does not include the heat index!  (Did you hear NYC is having a heat wave?   Sure wish it would wave on out to the ocean!)  Elaine and I frosted it the next morning and we put the cake in the fridge all day…Ben likes it cold.


Being a good Grandma and following the advice I read everywhere “to sugar up the grandkid”), I showed Elaine to stick her finger in the frosting and lick it off!


We quickly graduated to the spoon!


Here’s our gift for Ben…I used snowman paper to help us “feel” cool. It really didn’t help!img_3621

My card for Benimg_3619

Andrea and I also walked up around the corner to get some balloons and candles at the dollar store.  I wished I had a way to measure the heat coming off of the houses.  And the little shop did not even have a fan blowing!  I could not believe it!  Sweltering!!  Well, let's get onto the Birthday Party.  That is more my kind of a “hot time!!”

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