Monday, July 18, 2011

Made It Myself Monday

I made these a couple of weeks ago but have not taken the time to link up with Made It Myself Monday.


These are post-it note holders.  I followed the instructions from Chicnscratch.  She has done a lot of post it note holders and I think they are all so cute.  She calls these “organizers.”  They have a handy pocket on the inside and a place for a pen. 

I used various paper I had on hand and my Cricut.  I used the cartridges, Kate’s ABC’s and the Cricut lite, Wildlife. 


This one was for me…



This one was for Wally…



The space at the bottom is to add the more narrow post it notes.I plan to put page marker post its on them, since I use those a lot.  Just need to get them bought!


Laura (tweetyb) said...

Super cute!! Will have to try these! :)
♥ Laura ♥

Rachel W K said...

How cool!! I love that there are little spaces inside for something other than just a post-it, they look amazing. I have kate's abcs but haven't used it yet! I really should lol. I love what you made! Found this through MIMM


Raven said...

Hi, just stopped by from “Made It Myself Monday.” These are fabulous! I’m also a new follower. Hope you stop by my blog when you have some time.
Peace & Harmony,


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