Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hodgepodge—a collection of miscellaneous things; a jumble.

Here is a hodgepodge of experiences over the last week and I have a grateful, contented heart as a result.

  • Last Thursday Wally and three young men left for OK to roof Wally’s Mom’s roof.  I am thankful for:  their safe travel, they got in at 2:30 am.  Their physical endurance, roofing in 100+ temps and humidity.y.  Their strength and hard work, they removed 100squares of shingles and replaced 45 squares.  (That’s a lot)
  • My neighbors.  It is nice to chat and wave with them as we come and go.  It is a huge blessing to help each other or do favors for one another.  Dave came over and watered for Wally while he was gone.  I was so glad not to have to set that sprinkler! 
  • Saturday I had breakfast with my parents, always a blessing.  I was able to share pictures of our trip and new grandbaby, which we had not done yet.
  • A free country.  We had an excellent patriotic service at church Sunday.  Have you ever sung all the stanzas of our patriotic songs?  Like Christmas carols, they are completely filled with praise to the Lord and truths of our Christian heritage!
  • My garden is doing pretty well.  I am hopeful about my tomatoes, they're looking really good.  And we have been eating lots of salads!  And yesterday I spotted blossoms on my beans! 
  • The daisies are blooming!  I love my daisies!
  • Along with the garden the birds have been enjoyable!  We have a number of babies and I have had a blue jay visiting!
  • May I suggest a great book?  I have been reading “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver in my quiet time.  It is excellent!  Just what I have needed spiritually!
  • Saturday I had a nice conversation with Wesley.  It was a blessing for me to hear how he had made a right choice in one of those “gray areas”  we come across so often!  Quite encouraging to me!
  • Last Thursday I posted about the birth of our new grandson!  I sent out an email to friends and family and it was nice to receive all of their congratulations!  Baby Nolan is already filling out and looks so pretty!  It has been great to Skype and see Elaine with her new brother! 

Psalm 5:11b, “Let those also who love Your name, be joyful in You.”

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