Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth…

It’s not the circus, though some days I’m sure Mom feels like it is.  And it is not the latest Broadway show.  Maybe one day when I visit New York I’ll take in that show, but really nothing can compare to a day with grandkids!  It’s an entirely different kind of a show but well worth watching! 

Bath times…always an adventure!



Helping! Smile


Mornings with Elaine.  I just love peeking in her room when she hollers to get up.  I catch her eye and get the biggest smile.  She is ready to be picked up and the adventure begins…first she has friends that must come along…and she points them out to you in the crib.  Bunny, Betsy, her cup, sometimes a blanket, sometimes another stuffed critter. There is quite an entourage she brings along! 





Here she is all ready for breakfast!  Betsy is going to join us today!








And here she is after adding a few more fruit loops to her bowl.  This was actually a snack and not breakfast.  And actually, Grandma was supposed to be watching her and I guess I wasn’t!


Busy.  Wouldn’t you just love to crawl into their minds and see what they are really thinking!


img_3562A suitcase is a perfect place to sit and write a few thoughts down!

Maybe she’s thinking of sending an email to Grandpa!

Here’s Nolan and Elaine and Betsy posing for Mom’s diaper blog.  They are all wearing the same diaper…gumball!

Swimming.  Ben and Andrea’s landlord put in a pool and said they could use it.  They went down after the Birthday party to cool off…they said it was like getting into a heated pool.  This was around 7:00 in the evening!  I stayed with Nolan and took these pics from the kitchen window!



Ben is teaching Elaine to float.


Pretty good!

Outings.  By foot or by car we are looking good!



And what does Nolan do for the show?  Well, he does cry and gets fed.  Or he cries and gets his nappy changed.  But he pretty much does this…


He’s very good at it too!

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