Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nellie’s Room Mate

...or rather a garage mate!


The white car is a 1963 Falcon.  We drove it to church for the first time a week ago and I thought it was kind of funny that two men asked if we painted our car! 

Do they even look like the same shape??


This car Wally actually took as partial payment for a roof he did a number of years ago.  The car is an original Colorado car, like Nellie, sold by a dealership in Colorado Springs.  At the time Wally was not really interested in the car, it had a few mechanical issues.  He remembers the brakes freezing up and hardly getting it home.  But his brother Lewis wanted it and came out from OK and trailered it back.  I’m not sure how long Lewis hung onto it.  He did a few things to it and sold it to Wally’s Dad.  Pop did quite a lot to tune it up and enjoyed it for a bit…even though he was really a Chevy buff.  But eventually, he planned to sell it as well.  In fact Pop was bringing it home from a garage where it was stored to clean it up when he went into cardiac arrest and hit a parked car in it. 

Over the Fourth of July, Wally went back to OK and reroofed his Mom’s roof.  Then he towed the little white Falcon back to Colorado. 



Wally says it’s a “plain Jane”.  But it is so-o-o clean!  Wally got home with it early on the Fourth and we took it for a spin. We drove to my folk’s house…I got to drive.  I could not believe how smooth and quiet it was.  It cruised so nice on the highway!  And check this out…


Those are the original miles! 

I think Wally really wanted me to sell Nellie.  But we’re not.  The garage is kind of  tight but we’re adjusting.  I want to drive Nellie.  And she is really a pretty car.  I get comments all the time!  And the real value of the white Falcon, is the low mileage.  We’ll take it to church from time to time. 

The only problem now is what to name the new Falcon!  Whitey?  Snowball?  I thought maybe Gene (Wally’s Dad’s name) or Poppy, rather than Pop.  Any thoughts?


Becky said...

Well I guess the first question is Is it a boy car or a girl car? very important when choosing a name :) The cars look so well together in the garage.

Sherry said...

Ha make me laugh! Guess I'll have to ask Wally what it is. Probably a boy, He seems a little possessive with it!


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