Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Cards

Here’s my card I made for Marty’s Birthday.   I know you’ve all been wondering when I would show you!  I didn’t want to post it until he received it.  (‘Cause I’m sure he reads my blog everyday!)  Well, then I forgot about it.  So , without further delay (drum roll here)----

I found this cute paper and really, it makes the card.  I just popped the candles on top of it!  I also had picked up this Birthday acrylic stamp set in Michael’s clearance bins recently.  I thought the jumbo candles were cool!  And should be easy to stamp and cut them out if I wanted to.  I always need easy in the stamping department.

I used the same set for another card, for Cody’s 16th Birthday. I had Cody in my kindergarten Sunday School class years ago.  Cody attends BSF’s School Program.  (Did you know BSF had a school program?  They do!  Cody has been studying Isaiah all year with the adults!)  His Mom serves on the admin staff with me.  So they come early every Monday and Cody, along with his younger brother Kyle, help us set up the rooms, move heavy things and carry tables for us.  It is a tremendous blessing to my back!

It’s not his “sweet sixteen” birthday.  It’s sweet, he’s 16!  But you are a sweetheart Cody!

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