Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh Deer, Oh Deer!

Wally had told the kids that when they shot their first buck, he would pay to have it mounted.  Andrea made a pretty good deal with dear old Dad by getting him to agree to pay for her wedding bouquet to be preserved and mounted since she would not be around to hunt for a buck. (BTW, she did kill--and gut--an elk!)  Dear old Dad agreed.  A very good deal for Andrea!  Kenny shot his buck quite a few years ago, seven or eight we think.  It has hung on our family room wall right next to Wally’s…they were called Lucky One and Lucky Two.  Last year when Kenny was home he loaded up the last of his belongings and Lucky Two vacated the wall.  It has been a little bare.  This past fall Wesley shot his buck - a nice 6x5!  His hunt is here.  So, off to the taxidermy he went.  To be done the middle of March.  Well March came and went completely.  No call.  Then into April!  No call.  Wesley has been muttering about “when is my buck going to be done?”  Well, the middle of April arrives and so does the call.  Only Wally says, “I’m not going to tell Wes.  I’m just going to hang him on the wall and see if he notices!”

Here is the wall.  The top hook is where Kenny’s buck hung, Lucky Two.  Wesley’s buck, Lucky Three would not fit.  So Wally had to put a hook in quite a bit lower.

He is supposed to be Lucky Three, but Wally keeps saying, “He’s a pig!”

So, we wait for Wes to come home.  He wanders in and sits down and then leaves the room, never looking up at the wall!  He goes into the kitchen to find something to eat.  I told him his Dad wanted to ask him something and back into the family room he goes, checking his phone for texts and hardly looking up.  So we run out of dumb questions to ask him and I finally said, I don’t think that Lasik was effective!  (Wes recently had it done).  At last he looks up and looks beyond the gadget in his hand!  And smiles! 

Sweet deers!

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