Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I don’t have anything really big to write about. But I do think I have had lots of little moments where I just felt thankful.  I like that.  Call them tidbits of thankfulness, grains of gratefulness, bits of blessings….okay, okay!

  • Breakfast with my husband two mornings in a row!  Yesterday, oatmeal at home and today chick Fila! 
  • Wonderful fellowship at prayer meeting last night---and I was not really wanting to go
  • Last week I felt like I had definitely taken five steps backward in my daily “disciplines”.  This week maybe, I regained a couple of steps.  I feel a bit encouraged!
  • A clean floor and refrigerator in my house---such a nice feeling!
  • The F-16’s flying overhead, reminding me of my freedom---and the cost of it
  • Tulips in bloom!  Not in my yard but around the neighborhood.  And hyacinth and grape hyacinth!
  • Catching my “nester” feeding her baby.  I even caught a glimpse of the baby peeking out. 
  • I discovered one lone lupine growing from the seed I brought home from Maine last year! 

That’s it!  Have a blessed day!

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