Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I feel like I have been riding a whirlwind since last Thursday. Just lots of stuff I had to do, wanted to do, and committed to do.  Things were coming to a head Tuesday and I was pretty much thinking I would sink.  Our church is having special meetings this week with the Steve Pettit Team.  Lots of great music and some special nights.  Monday night was set aside as Men’s Night.  They had BBQ and a salvation message.  Tuesday was Ladies' Night, with a baked potato bar.

I was asked to make some name cards for the tables, only with a verse on them.  The tables were being decorated with wildflowers and pastel colors…kind of a spring feel.  I really wanted to do it and quickly said yes.  But that was a good week ago…and did I mention I have just had a lot going on?  My scrappin’ time kept getting pushed aside.  Tuesday I was sure I could get them finished, but I was gone a good chunk of the morning.  That afternoon, Wes got finished delivering flowers early.  Then his friend Tim stopped by.  Wally also dropped by home for something and saw me sweating bullets.  So he asked if Wes could do anything.  Well, the most time consuming part of the project, was putting it altogether.  So Wes and Tim came up and pitched in.  I showed them one of the completed cards, gave them all the pieces, and they just had to duplicate it several times!  Tim took over the gluing and Wes got pretty good using a corner rounder!  I am so, so thankful for their help!  Not to mention they do make me laugh!

As well, Tim helped brown my meat I was taking for the baked potato bar.  Honestly I was running downstairs to iron, telling him to throw some seasoning in as I passed through the kitchen.  Then I ran upstairs to dress, yelling down to the kitchen to add this and that!  I can’t believe it even turned out to be edible! 

Thank you Wes and Tim for your wonderful help!

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