Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Crafts!

These are some things I made for my family for Valentine’s Day.

This card I sent to Wally’s Mom.

This card I sent to my sister Jo.  On her card and Elaine I used these little deals called “wobbles!”  So when you touch the critter it will wobble all over!

This cute bug is for our cute Elaine

This little box is for Elaine too…it is filled with “Hugs”

For my grown kids I saw this cute idea to make candy bar wrappers on one of my card blogs.  So I just wrapped up their favorite candy bars in some decorative paper.  These are Ben and Andrea’s

These are Kenny and Becky’s

This is Wesley’s.  I left it in his car to find.  He left for work today at 3:00 am. He is a contract driver for Veldkamp’s flowers if you did not know. He was going in early to help wrap and sort before he delivers.  He said they had orders for 3,000 deliveries today.  That is a record for them. 

These little boxes I made for my Sunday School class.  I have four girls.  The ladybugs also have wobbles!  Funny story…I got to church yesterday and realized I left the bag with these in it at home.  Wally went home to get them…and that is not a short drive either.  He walks in to find Gypsy, on the recliner with the bag between her paws!   She was surprised to get caught!   I sort of wish he would have thought to take a picture.  I won’t share with you what he did think of doing!  Smile

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Leah said...

Those are all just beautiful!! Makes me want to get back into stamping and card making.

Becky said...

Those are all very cute!


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