Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is for the Birds!

Today I got up from a nice nap and went downstairs to fix a nice latte and do some nice “vegging.”  It had been a beautiful day…66*… the sun was out and the snow was doing some fast melting.  A movement in the backyard caught my eye.  I took a look and I could not believe it!!  There were several robins in one of my flower beds.  I counted seven.  The snow had melted and the dirt was good and moist.  They were  having a great feast digging up worms.  I stood there for several minutes just enjoying them.  It really was something.  I wondered if they had just hit town and were grabbing a bite to eat??  Then I got my camera…and this time I made sure I had an SD card in it! 

Usually I don’t see a robin until closer to spring.  Maybe I better check and see if I have any crocus poking up too! 

That’s the end of this bird tale!


Becky said...

That was a nice touch with the bird tail picture. I laughed so hard!

Sherry said...

I'm glad you like my corny humor! Actually, that picture is just my poor photography skills. I was trying to take a pic of the robins lined up on the fence and that tail was all I got! :)


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