Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been enjoying some beautiful Colorado days this past week and walking outside again.  I was thinking of all the reasons why I am thankful to be living in Colorado.  But the past two days something that I love even more made me change my post for Thankful Thursday.  It is Skype.  Yesterday and this morning I got to play with Elaine and visit with her Mommy through Skype.  I think I could just sit there and enjoy Elaine’s busy antics all over the computer desk and not say a word!  She is very busy and very cute!  Just to see her smiles and and hear her laughs and noises as she chats away! Yesterday I saw she had her hair in a barrette and she looked very much like a “little girl”.  Today she was opening our Valentine Box we had sent her…it had a lo-o-n-g trip getting to NY.  She saw the little lady bug right away and began to reach for it.  Mom took her milk cup and moved it out of the way and I heard Elaine very loudly and very clearly proclaim “NO” for the first time.  (I guess it is not the first time for Mom though!)  But I know how Elaine feels…I have the same reaction when I get separated too far from my coffee cup!  Anyway, the lady bug held some Hershey’s Hugs in its shell, and Elaine really loved those.  I witnessed her “happy dance” after eating one.

I’m thinking this must be part of the grandparent thing.  Today she was only in her diaper because she had just gotten up. My mind just kept seeing Andrea as little tot with her sippy cup and running around in her diaper.  The hair and the eyes just put me back in the past!  It’s a very warm fuzzy feeling that then zaps you back into reality when you realize just how long ago that was! 

I also thought, how wonderful this Skype is.  I see Elaine move and talk and it is very real.  When Andrea was little we lived in England.  We phoned home about once a month.  We took pictures and would have to wait a week for them to be developed (and hopefully they were not fuzzy or out of focus)  and then sent them home to grandparents and family.  It took a bit of time to share. Technology has certainly given us some wonderful gifts! 

I am very thankful for Skype.  And for the airplane.  Because in just a bit over three weeks, Elaine and Andrea will be on one coming to visit us!  We can hardly wait!

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