Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just a Bit More Birthday

I always like to get pictures of everyone at the Birthday Celebration.  This year we were a small group for Dad’s celebration.  As a family we had planned to go out to eat together on Saturday night.  But a snowstorm blew in about the time everyone was to be on the road.  So we decided to cancel and go to lunch together on Sunday after church.  Wally got up early on Sunday to shovel and then drove down to shovel at my parents’.  He was going to shower at their house and meet us at church.  Wes and I were just getting on the highway when I got a call from a friend I teach Sunday School with…they had cancelled church.  So the plans changed again.  Scott did not want to come out and Robin and Terry decided they would catch up with Dad on their own.  So…we went to Breakfast

Here’s Wesley with his Grandpa

Wally and I…in the bright lights

Here’s Dad opening his gift

Here’s the gift

Here’s Mom admiring the gift also…

…And here is the gift!

Here’s my card. 

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