Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my husband.  I am thankful for my husband and his abilities on many days, even though I don’t usually express it.  He has a good understanding of many things; roofs--- to be sure, construction--- all the way around, the weather---he was a forecaster in the A.F., politics, insurance, cars, many mechanical things, and he is a walking GPS!!  He has always been a hard worker and he will do just about anything to help you out.  All of these things shine in what I am about to tell you.  You might want to grab your coffee cup, this is probably more of an essay than a post!

Friday Wally came home with some kind of crud that is going around.  Actually, he left that morning with the feeling that it was “coming on!”  His throat was feeling sore and so he took some Theraflu and throat lozenges with him.  By the end of the day, he came in peeled off his coveralls and boots and laid back on the couch.  He pretty much stayed there the next three days.  He had the body aches and sore throat and a deep, mean cough, one that shakes the whole house! 

Saturday was a simply gorgeous day.  67* and the sun shining!  I was coming home from my leaders meeting in “Nellie”--- even had the window down!  I was following another nice old car, a Chevelle Super Sport.  I could tell he was looking at my Falcon and I was staying right with him!  Winking smile But then as we turned down Quincy, Nellie began to choke.  I mean, really, choke!  I was able to get off on a side street and pull over to the side.  (Hopefully that Chevelle just thought that was where my turn was at!)  This had happened a couple of times before but after a sputter or two, everything was ok.  Not today.  So I called Wally, on his sick bed!  He came and rescued me…in his jammies and slippers!  Then he and Wesley towed Nellie home.  Wally was sure it was the fuel pump and even went and picked one up.  He kept saying it wouldn’t take very long to put it in.  But thankfully he just laid back down on the couch and went back to sleep.  There he stayed through Sunday.  He did not even hear Wes and I as we left for church.

On Monday we began our decline into the deep freeze.  The snow began moving in and the roads got really icy.  Wesley went into work and in a couple of hours, we got a phone call from him.  He had hit some ice and slid really hard into a curb.  His rim was bent and there was a bad shake when he got up to highway speed.  Wally rises from the couch… again. Did I tell you he is also the Google king?  He finds a Big-O Tire store near Wesley.  Wes goes in for a diagnoses and they were quoting him $1500.00!  Wally starts getting a lot of ??? and told Wes he was going to call Mike our mechanic.  Mike lives in Arvada.  Wes was already on the west side of town.  So Wally was going to drive over and meet Wesley at Mike’s, leave the car and help Wes finish his flower deliveries.  While Wally is feeling better, he is still sick!  The weather is changing really fast and as Wally leaves I think, “I won’t see him for three or four hours!” 

Wesley arrived at Mike’s and he did his own diagnoses.  Only a broken lower control arm and some blown seals.  He changed the tire and put the spare on and told Wes he was fine to drive it.  Wesley is going back on Saturday for the repair.  Now that is not the subject of my Thankful Thursday post, but we are very thankful for Mike the mechanic as well!  Wesley called his Dad who was only half way there, and Wally turned around and came back home, and back to the couch.

Tuesday morning, Wally felt  90% better.  He just had the cough thing going still.  Around 8:00 a.m. it was a balmy minus four degrees outside.  Wally shoveled down the driveway to his truck.  He got in and drove to Englewood to shovel my Mom and Dad’s house, because…”I don’t want your Dad going out in this cold!”  (And Dad would have too!).  Then he took my Dad out for a Subway sandwich. 

Thank you Wally for caring for your family, even when it is you who need the care!  You have blessed us so many times by dropping everything to come to our rescue and knowing just what to do.  I am grateful for you as my husband for so many reasons I can’t put words too.  Thank you!


Becky said...

All I can do here is smile :) I'm thankful for Dad Godby too!

Debbie said...

I hope Wally is feeling better now! I'm grateful he's been there for your family! It's no fun when your car breaks down or there's snow & ice to clear! Steve's had to rescue me a few times too & now he's out trying to break up & clear the ice from the storm that came through. I'd say we're both blessed to have husbands who are there for our families! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for this!!


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