Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Celebrating…

Sunday night when Wally and I left to go to church, I opened the door of the truck and there sat this little box on the seat.



So Wally recently got an iPhone for work.  We’re pretty pleased with ourselves that he took these pictures and emailed them to me.  But we forgot to take a picture of the contents…it was a necklace with my birthstone. Wally had given me earrings for Christmas and the necklace matches. I tried getting a picture of it in the box but it just looks like a shiny circle.  Trust me, it is very simple and beautiful and just what I like!

Wally and I had planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.  On  Monday, I had Bible Study and Wally had a late appointment.  So we planned to go to the “Perfect Landing” at Centennial Airport.  The tables in the restaurant are arranged in front of windows so you can sit and watch the planes take off and land.  It also faces west so there is a great view of the front range and sometimes a gorgeous sunset!  And Tuesday –Thursday there’s a great deal at this restaurant. For 12.95 you can choose filet mignon, prime rib, or a rack of lamb. There is a piano in the middle, played by Boogie Bob.  So it is kind fun and unique and the food is great!  If you live here, give it a try!

Here’s my card for Wally:

And Wally’s Hallmark for me.

Wally always buys a funny card and a serious card.  He said when he went to pay, he could not believe how expensive the serious card was…$7.00!!  So he put it back.  And I am going to show him how to use the Cricut machine before our Anniversary this summer!

Well, I have stretched Valentine’s Day out long enough.  Hope it was Happy for you all!

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Becky said...

That was really sweet! I hope you still take a picture of your necklace so we can see it :) sounds like you've enjoyed your valentines week!


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