Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Our Chcikfila had a special this morning.  Buy their new orange juice and get a free chicken biscuit.  I shared it with Wally and Wes last night, hoping for breakfast out. Wally didn’t bite.  Well, he sort of did but I didn’t want to be ready that early.  So he was going to grab his own special.  Later this morning I got a text from Wesley, from the depths of the basement.  “Breakfast, if you buy”.  Who could resist such an offer??  So we had a nice breakfast, ok more of a brunch.  We squeaked in the door with three minutes to spare on the breakfast menu hours!

We ate and had a nice chat about some of Wesley’s upcoming plans. He is getting ready to go back to school in the fall. He’s been working and playing soccer and helping with our youth group. It is kind of nice when you realize your kids are doing what you always wanted them to do, be responsible, make wise choices, and spend time in the Word to accomplish both of those things. 

Earlier this morning I had also enjoyed a nice phone chat with Kenny.  That doesn’t happen too often as Kenny lives in the Smoky Mountains and gets terrible phone reception.  He gets good reception when he’s at work but of course, not so much time.  So we got a little caught up today; what’s going on at church, what about the rehearsal dinner, and other things like that.  I just love it when he hangs up and in his deep manly voice says, “love you Mom.”

I have just had a warm fuzzy in my heart all day, thinking about my sons.  I just marvel at how God has led each of them differently but just as surely.  They have sure grown up fast.  I’m glad they have a good relationship with each other…and with their sister.  How thankful I am for my boys. 

Christmas 2006

It is hard to look into the future and see what your little boys will become. It is great fun watching them play at being the “good guy” in their capes and cowboy boots when they are small!  But you never know.  We do however, know the God who knows!  And that is a most secure place to be. I mostly remember doing this with Kenny when he was little, but I think with Wes some too.  We would kiss them goodnight and say, ”What do you want to be you grow up?”  And we taught them to reply, “a great man for God!”  (Yes, we put words in their mouth, and hopefully their heart)  I don’t remember where that idea came from, but God has and is doing that work in them.  It is such a blessing to watch and I am very grateful for it.

NYC - The Statue of Liberty

Next week starts a month of free breakfast entrees each Wednesday in March. You should check with your local Chick Fila and see if they are participating.  Last year, Wes and I started going to breakfast as a result of that special and kept it up until he left for camp.  Maybe this year we can keep at it until he leaves for school.  We sure won’t get these days back!

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