Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Week in Brooklyn

Last week I spent in New York meeting the new twins, loving on Elaine and Nolan, and maybe was a bit of help to Andrea.  It went entirely too fast.  I arrived in New York pretty close to on time…but it took a bit for the luggage to spit out.  When we got to Andrea’s apartment, there she was, with two teensy weensy babies.  So of course I did not go right to bed!  I cannot describe the feelings of holding and gazing at those precious little babies.  Then realizing that my daughter was their Mama!  Funny emotions come over you!  Andrea and I got a little chit chat time in on the couch…Ben staggered off to bed.  And we finally followed at 2:00 a.m. 

My sleeping quarters were the bottom bunk of Elaine and Nolan’s bunk beds.  They were camping out together up top.  In the morning Nolan’s little face looks down and I hear a “boo"!  That was followed by giggles from Elaine.  So, being a good Grandma, I pulled them into bed with me…where Elaine began to fuss about a hair on her finger!  My eyes were barely working, I saw no hair!  I forgot about that hair thing of hers!   No worries, we had a whole week to play and get reacquainted!

NOLAN  He is nearly two, smart as a whip, short on words and loves his 4” princess doll, Belle.  He also loves trains and when he would sit down, he would make “choo-choo” sounds while he turned his hands like he was driving!  He managed to get in the bathroom with me every morning where we went through the same routine...he pointed at a little bottle in my toiletry bag and I would say, “That’s for Grandma’s face”  He’d move his pointing finger to the next bottle and I would say, “That’s for Grandma’s face!”  Well, repeat that four or five times and you get a little humbled!  Then he would point to my perfume and then his neck as he made the “psh-psh” sound!  So I sprayed him with Sweet Pea!  This did not please his Mommy who seems to think he has too much “girly” in his life.  I kind of think he’s just stinking cute and he has lots of time to do the “boy” thing.  Still, when Grandpa came we used his “manly” smelling stuff.

Nolan and Elaine watching Beauty and the Beast

I brought Nolan this super hero cape and mask…kind of to discourage the Princess dress ups.  But I guess he likes to do whatever his big sister does, so he still dresses that way too!  (Notice little Belle in his hands?)  Smile  The super hero set was made by a friend of mine from our Military days.  I reconnected with her on Facebook and she has a little side business, Granna’s Goods

  img_7112                img_7113

Nolan likes to carry a bag, or something that he can put his Belle into.  Sometimes he carries it around his neck! 


One of the drawbacks of teaching your kids independence is that when you tell them to get a pair of socks, they might bring you their Sunday argyle socks.  Luckily it just made Nolan look like a soccer goalie!

Soccer  shorts with argyle church socks

Elaine  She is definitely the big sister and talks…a whole lot!  She loves Beauty and the Beast (those songs are still stuck in my head) and is always asking WHY?  Which kind of makes it hard to enjoy Beauty and the Beast!   She has secret hiding places on her bed…mostly for toys she doesn’t want Nolan to get!  And she loves having babies in the house! 

Elaine and Liberty

First bath together in the tub

Grandma painted Elaine’s toes and fingernails…sparkly purple!

Painting Elaine's nails

This is not a cradle, it is Elaine’s boat.  And she sat in it with her doggie (and Nolan’s doggie when he vacated the room) just a jabbering a way.  Love their imaginations!


When she isn’t a Princess, Elaine is often a doctor!


It was rainy and cold my week in New York. So if car seats, strollers, and diaper bags aren’t enough to take along, let’s throw in a couple of umbrellas on a crowded, windy, busy sidewalk!  But, they are awfully cute!

Nolan and Elaine in rain

Nolan walking in rain

We had some good times…

Lego time

nolan and elaine legos

Play dough time

Play doough time in new Ikea toys

Lots of story times! 

Reading to Elaine and Nolan

And one of my favorites, nap time!

Napping Nolan


Nicole said...

I didn't know Elaine had a "hair thing." Clearly she is related to Kenny! =) So glad you got to go meet those babies!

Andrea said... got great pics, Grandma! And Nicole, it's more of an OCD thing than a hair thing...she hates to feel things on her hands. 'Fraid it's my fault!

Andrea said... got great pics, Grandma! And Nicole, it's more of an OCD thing than a hair thing...she hates to feel things on her hands. 'Fraid it's my fault!

Becky said...

I think you've got it pegged! :) Kenny denies having a "hair thing" :/

Sherry said...

I also never knew Kenny had a "hair thing". He didn't have much hair and he had it pretty well gelled into place!

Lou Ann said...

I'm Andrea's Spanish connection. Loved your blog and pictures! It's so neat that you could be there with the babies while they're still little. (We just did the same with our son's new little one.) What a blessing to have you there, too, for Andrea. I know it was special. Thanks for sharing.


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