Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This morning in the shower I was thinking about my family and thanking the Lord for several things that are going on in their lives.  It made me think that most of life is lived in the day to day routine of all that makes up life.  I am no expert but I kind of think that the way we live that day to day stuff is training ground for the big things that come along, whether that be a crisis or just a huge change.  So I am sharing a kind of family update and thanking the Lord for the way that He is leading each one and for all that He has allowed to fill their ordinary days.

Ben and Andrea

twins birth announcement jpg

So maybe bringing twins home is not exactly an ordinary experience.  But once they are home, they become part of the day to day living, even as their very arrival has changed what that looks like!  These are busy days at the Hamilton house with four little ones.  I’m not sure if I am encouraging to Andrea when she shares with me her “trials” of a day with the kids.  Probably because I laugh.  From my side of the fence, it is sure cute.  And its easy for me to say, this will go by more quickly than she knows.  But for now it is her “ordinary”.   She and Ben are doing well going on what sleep they are able to enjoy.  Ben is keeping busy as a self employed contractor.  They are also busy “waiting” on the Lord for the next steps in selecting a city and raising support for starting a new church.  Full and exciting days for them.


Kenny and Becky

Kenny and Becky just celebrated their second anniversary June 4.

Kenny and Becky's Wedding by photographer

They started the New Year with a pretty big change, a move to Florida.  I was devastated to read Kenny’s post on fb recently that said he was starting to enjoy living in FL!  The accompanying photo did show a big mouth bass in his hands so maybe that is swaying his decision a bit.  He and Becky also put up some beautiful photos of sunsets on the lake where their condo sets.  I’m sure that is part of it too.  And maybe he has not yet lived through the lovebug season…then he will miss the west!  After a difficult fall and winter, Kenny and Becky followed the Lord’s leading and accepted a position at a church in Pembroke Pines, FL.  They are in the routine that makes up church ministry.  Kenny leads the music and he and Becky lead the youth.  They will be taking their kids to camp the end of June and first of July.  They are also working on some music for a Patriotic program. 

Unfortunately for me, it looks like Florida is agreeing with them!

kenny and bes on the boat



Wes leaving for wichita

This was taken early on a Saturday morning in late April.  I was on my way out the door to leader’s meeting and Wes and his Dad were on their way to Wichita where Wesley has taken a job and moved into his first apartment!  I miss that boy!!  He is still in a training period with West Star, an energy company for Kansas.  He called  yesterday “just to chat”.  I love that!!  Wes is also doing some ref’ing for indoor soccer leagues.  Surprise, surprise!  Check out his little apartment.  He left some things behind and when I asked if he forgot them he said, “Mom, I literally don’t have any room”  He’s quite right.  Here’s his kitchen.

Wesley's apt.

Here’s one side of the living room.  Like his décor?

Wesley's apt.

And the other side which leads into the bedroom.

Wesley's apt.


Check out Robin’s new haircut.  I think it looks so cute!

Robins haircut


Robin’s new routine is cancer.  She will begin chemo on Monday.  Two things she has been dreading is losing her hair and throwing up from chemo.  She got her hair cut short to enjoy a new “do” for a few weeks.  Unfortunately one thing she is dreading will definitely happen…she will lose her hair.  However the second thing, which is not very stylish no matter what you do, she may not have to endure.  I was able to go with Robin to one of her doctor appointments last week.  Her surgeon checked her wound and it is finally closing up.  She can finally get rid of the wound vac she’s been dragging around the past six weeks.  And she got the go ahead for chemo. 

After the surgeon left, a nurse, Rachel, came in to chat about what lies ahead in chemo.  She was wonderful!  Robin’s daughter-in-law went through chemo ten years ago and Robin has a picture in her mind of all Krista experienced.  But the nurse set a lot of that aside letting us know that treatments have come a long way in ten years…even treating nausea!  She shot down a lot of comments Robin has heard from well meaning friends like, “My mom had that same cancer and she didn’t have to have chemo”.  Or “This kind of cancer can be treated naturally!”  Rachel simply said, “Your cancer is different.  It is unusual.  And it is very treatable!”  I really like her!  She also said that University of Colorado’s Cancer Center is the number one place in a five state region for treatment.  And after a tour of the infusion ward, I will agree!   Pray for Robin as she goes through these difficult days.

I am thankful for what has taken place and what is taking place in the lives of my children and my sister.  I love that I can see the loving Hand of God at work as it moves through each individual to bring about a wonderful plan for their life!  I read this verse in my devotions this past week.  It reminds me of His character and that He is trustworthy for whatever lies in store.

“But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth.”
Psalm 86:15

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