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At the end of May I attended a luncheon at the home of one of our residents…”Women with Hattitude!”  Isn’t that a cute idea for a  luncheon?  Everyone showed up in a hat, fancy, just a ball cap or decorated really cute!  I was actually quite nervous about attending.   I wasn’t sure if I would remember names of the guests…I think I know  a lot of our residents but there’s a lot I don’t know.  I also felt a little like I am not “part of the circle.”  But everyone was very nice and I had an interesting time just watching and listening.  The food was good too.  Alice, the hostess, is in her eighties but still very active.  She travels a lot and loves art.  Her children were all on the Olympic Ski Team and one room in her house is covered with photos of family.  I enjoyed looking at that much more than most of the art! 

So here I am arriving…there was someone taking photos of all the guests and then Alice shared them with us.  Do I look kind of nervous?  My hand was shaking!  Oh, I mean I am shaking hands!


This is Alice…her hat was pretty cute with the hand holding a deck of cards…big bridge players in this group.  The hand even had a big beaded bracelet at the back of the hat!


There was a jazz band playing and the patio doors were opened and luncheon was served outside.


This was a cute idea.  A construction hat with a wrench duct taped on top and screw drivers duct taped around the sides!


And here’s a nautical look


Here’s another lovely hat and one with a bird’s nest on top!


I loved this hat…so elegant!  Quite a contrast to the “art” hanging on the wall!

mrs_ mcclearn

I thought this was a fun idea and I enjoyed myself after all.  Hats are fun and I wish we wore them a little more often! 

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