Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day

Yesterday we had a nice time with the family at my Mom and Dad’s house…grilling steaks and lots of other good stuff!  Here’s the Dads of the day.


Wally, loving his picture taken as always,  Dad, Terry, Kyle, and Scott.  If you are wondering if you missed something this year about Kyle becoming a Dad, you did.  He and Krista have chosen foster parenting in hopes of adopting the precious little guy their hearts are already wrapped around.  We got some nice family pictures yesterday but because of the foster care thing, I can’t share them.  Sadness…he is a cutie!  But here’s a shot of Scott and his daughter, Nicole, with my parents.


And a nice shot of Mom and Dad!


I scrapped my little fingers to the bone this year for Father’s Day and I think the gifts turned out really cute!  I did like my cards.  I saw this card on Pinterest~

dapper dad

~and I did this with the layout. 


The shoe made me think about steps and it was easy to find some nice scriptures to add for my sentiment.


This is the card I sent to Ben.  I found the instructions here.


Another idea on Pinterest was taking a regular, lined, white envelope, snipping off the top, cutting in an inch form the end on one side, and folding it down for the collar.  An instant candy bar holder!  Funny, Robin saw the same idea and made one for each of the Dads too.  Hers was in a business sized envelope and she filled it with various candy.  Add a necktie, and you are done!


I added a post it note holder to my candy bars and tossed them a brown sack with tissue paper.  Simple gift!   Making these post it note holders is super easy and Chic’n scratch has a lot of cute variations on her blog. 


I covered a little notebook for my Dad…I don’t think he uses too many post its.


Lastly, here’s my card and gift for Wally. 




Robin said...

Great day, great dads, and just lots of family fun!
Thanks Sherry for sharing on your blog!

Becky said...

All of those cards and gifts look awesome :) glad you all had a good time. Miss you :)


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