Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The House of Twins!!

A couple of days ago we got in a quick Skype session with Andrea and Elaine…Nolan was out on an errand with Daddy and the twins were asleep.  Before we said goodbye, Nehemiah stirred and Andrea went to get him.  My word, he has grown so much!!  I could not believe it when Andrea said he was 9 lbs.  He has filled out quite a bit since our visit a few weeks ago!  Which made me lament to Andrea that I had not posted my twins pictures yet!  So, before they start walking, here is a little taste of what a house of twins is like!

The best part of babies is just holing them and enjoying looking at them.  All their tiny little baby parts…ears, fingers, nose and mouth, those tiny little nails are in place, the feet!  I just can’t get over it!

Nehemiah and Liberty



Those little bodies need a lot of care.  Feeding, burping, nappy changing!   The twins graduated from a single in the sink to both in the tub while I was visiting!  I think the tub suits them better!


First bath together in the tub

Bath time is always followed by a good lather of Baby Magic lotion and a big sister who loves to rub it in!

Elaine putting lotion on Liberty

Then the baby gawking starts again! 

Nehemiah and Liberty

Mom and Dad have been doing a good job managing the double action.  I can’t believe this is the only shot of Ben with his babies  that I took.  He was pretty tired when I arrived.  He’s a good Dad, working, helping with the twins and still playing with Elaine and Nolan and reading to them and helping get them into bed. 

Ben and Babies

Daddy Ben readin to Elaine and Nolan


When Mom and Dad’s arms wear out, Elaine is always ready to help out.  She loves talking and singing to the twins.


Wally flew our for the Memorial Day weekend. He was determined to see these babies when they were still tiny.  See, you just get caught up looking and looking at them!



twins 2

Nehemiah and Liberty

Hope you enjoyed looking too…they are pretty sweet!

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