Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

img_7259A couple of weeks ago we went over to my Mom and Dad’s and tilled up the garden.  We were going to let it go this year.  But that would have left a big mess of weeds.  So Wally tilled up part of it for one more year of corn and we’ll have to think about what to do next year.  As Wally was tilling a neighbor came down the alley.  She wanted to know if Dad was going to grow more corn…he’s kind of known for his tall Iowa crop each summer.  She commented on how dark and rich that soil was.  I kind of joked and said there were a lot of years of manure in it!  But its also true.  I can remember Dad bringing a pick up load down the alley each year and my brothers turning it into the ground by hand.  Pee-yoo-i…it did have an aroma!. 

We tried to tell Dad to just sit…he can hardly walk, hobbling around with terrible arthritis in his ankle.  But he was not content to sit when his field was being plowed!  It’s the farmer in him, even after all these years.  He walked the fence line poking at clumps and weeds the tiller had cut through.


As Wally set the tiller into the ground, churning up the soft, rich soil it made me think of all that my Dad has poured into my life, and that of my five brothers and sisters. 


Just as the soil has been worked, and fertilized, planted and weeded, hoed and watered, to bring about an abundant harvest; Dad poured into us his time, work, provision and protection, patience, discipline, love, prayer, and so much more!


Thanks Dad, and Happy Father’s Day!


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Robin said...

Thanks for writing so beautifully! We are truly blessed to have such a special dad! I love him and our whole family!!


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