Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild, Wicked, and Wonderful Week

Last week was definitely wild, wicked and wonderful…ever have one of those?  I had so much I wanted to get done and I had so much I needed to get done.  Of course, the “needed” always usurps the “wanted”…I think that’s what makes it wicked.  Trying to do it all, makes it kind of wild!  And simply making it through to enjoy those events you want to be able to enjoy, wonderful!  Let’s forget the wild and wicked parts and let me share with you the wonderful!

We have some long time friends, Jack and Jana Pine.  We attended church  together for many years.   Our first Sunday at that church, Wesley was still a toddler.  We took him to the nursery and Jana was working there.  She said, “I know You!”  I was pretty sure, not.  But it turns out, Jana and Leah, Wally’s sister, were college roommates!  Wally had taken her for a spin on his motorcycle way back then!  That short reintroduction began a long friendship between us.  And particularly between two of our sons, Wesley and Timothy. 

Wes and Timothy

Wesley and Timothy have stayed close through the years.  Even when Carrie came along.  This past Saturday, Tim and Carrie were married.  We hosted their rehearsal dinner at the Polo Club. 


The food was yummy…gyros from the Shish Kebab Grill in Denver.  The owners are neighbors of Jack and Jana.


Here’s our wonderful friends, Jack and Jana.  They are the parents of nine children.  They have been through tragedy and difficulty without faltering in their love and trust of the Lord.  Jana is one of those friends who holds you accountable in your own walk with the Lord.


Here is Jana with her girls.  They have all grown up so much since the last time I have seen them altogether!  Julie, Elisabeth, Jana, Olivia, and Joanna.


Here is Tim, the groom, and his wonderful bride, Carrie


Friday was Wesley’s birthday and Tim was happy to share his occasion with Wes and we had birthday cake for dessert.


My Mom and Dad dropped by after the dinner to say hello to Wes and wish him a Happy Birthday!  One of the wonderful things about our friendship…Wes fits in with the Pines and Tim fits in with the Godby’s.  So Wesley’s grandparents are Tim’s grandparents too!


Tim and his brothers and Wesley came by the Polo Club on Saturday to dress for the wedding.  I wish I would have had all the brothers stand together for a picture, they were so very handsome in their wedding garb.  But all I got was one of Tim.


Wesley was Tim’s best man.  At the reception Wes gave the “best man” speech…he did pretty good at honoring his friend.  Wonderful!


Saturday was a long day but filled with wonderful moments with our wonderful friends!

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