Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebrating Adoption (Part Two)

Editor’s Note:  I have a guest blogger!  I never thought I would say that!  And I did let Alethea know my audience is about 25!  But she said “yes” to writing this anyway.  Because even if it is only 25, it is 25 people who will be impacted by her passion, adoption! So, please meet my friend Alethea and enjoy the read!

doug and alethea and girls

A few weeks ago (sorry, Sherry, this took me way to long!) I had the opportunity to invite and was blessed to have so many wonderful friends join me for Colorado Christian Services’ (our adoption agency) annual Ladies Event.

This is an event that supports the adoption agency my husband and I used to adopt our two girls! We have been so thankful for this agency and the amount of love they have shown us! The caseworkers pour their hearts into each family- and they work incredibly long and hard hours as they walk alongside each family that is navigating the adventure of adoption. It is such a privilege to support them and I am so very grateful to each of my friends who came to the Ladies Event- for it really is one small way for me to say thank you and give back to these woman for everything they have done for my family and me!

I simply cannot say enough about Colorado Christian Services (CCS)! Adoption is not an easy journey. Before one even begins, especially for a couple who has struggled and been unsuccessful in having biological children, much grieving and soul searching has to happen. Thankfully you don’t have to have all your “issues” worked out before meeting with our agency. I remember being afraid and defensive, as I said, it is a hard journey…but every one of the women from the director to all of the caseworkers, and even the administration staff and CCS were so loving and gracious. They gently taught, grieved, prayed, held our hands and cheered us on!  I loved, and more and more every day I am increasingly thankful for the training provided to us by CCS- and most of that training happened in our first initial meetings with them! I still think back to, quote, and hold on to, truths they shared with us. It has been invaluable in navigating so many of the uniqueness of adoption.

All that said - we clearly love Colorado Christian Services! I say it often, but we will never ever be able to express our gratitude or pay them back even in some small way for all they did for us! And that leads me to what the results were in walking through this journey with CCS. My husband and I are the parents to two beautiful, amazing, wonderful little girls! We have a 4 almost 5 year old, and an almost 2 year old! They are the joy of our lives~ and they have taught me more about God’s love and grace then anything else in this world!

taliah and eliana

I could never have imagined the road that God would lead my husband and I on- we simply thought (like most of the world) that you get married and in a few years you have kids. Oh, for it to have been that easy! But God in His sovereignty had a much better and bigger plan for us!  However to get there included several long, dark, years filled with heartache and disappointment. Yet, it also was filled with sweet forced dependence on our Savior- for there was nowhere else and no one else to cling to! Yet, we have learned that this- the dark, the hard, the trying times- really does produce joy unparalleled to anything this world offers! For our joy is not in the temporary and fleeting it is in the eternal! And our hope refreshed came in meeting and working with CCS.  Our joy expressed came when not once but twice a little baby girl- beautiful beyond words- was placed in our arms! I will never, ever be able to describe to you the overwhelming flood of emotion- joy, love, fear, gratitude- that overtakes you when you hold a baby given to you by the most selfless woman on the planet! To be given the gift of a child, not because you are deserving of, not because you are the best or most perfect parent in this world, but because their birthmother loves them beyond expression!  And that they have chosen you, entrusted you to love, care, teach, and hold their little one is truly a miracle- bigger even then the parting of the red sea, I promise! This is the joy that lives and breathes in my house everyday! These are the miracles that call me “mommy”, a word I never believed would echo in my household! This is God’s grace given in abundance over and over and over! God is a God of miracles; I know this and live this every day. God is a God of good gifts- and He has given to me in abundance! God is ever working for our good and His glory- even as He takes us through the suffering!

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Jenn Utecht said...

What an encouraging article written by one of my favorite people in the world! It was such a blessing to read this and capture a part of your story that we have been distant from (by miles, not by mind or spirit!). Your family is beautiful, Alethea & Doug! So wish I could squeeze those precious girls! Thank you for sharing your faithfulness in walking with God in the valleys and the mountain tops. I love you dearly!


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