Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Dress for Ice Cream

There’s an ice cream truck that comes every evening to Ben and  Andrea’s neighborhood.  In fact it stops right in front of their house.  The neighbors kind of hang and wait and even call the driver by name.  “Hey Tony,  a double with chocolate sprinkles!”  And Tony calculates the cost, “Three regulars and two smalls, just make it eight!”  We tried really hard to get dinner over before Tony rolled into town!  We waited and even began to wonder if Tony would come. We were waiting and listening for the familiar music.  Ben googled Softeez ice cream and the music began playing over the computer…and the kiddos began running to the door!  Ben, of course was the only one laughing!  The extra time gave Elaine and Nolan time to dress appropriately for Tony’s arrival!


Elaine said “This keeps my neck nice and warm!”   I guess the ice cream makes it chilly going down ??

Elaine with ice cream form the truck


Elaine has a chocolate beard going here…and I guess her neck warmed up!


Ostrich feathers all gone here too…


…and a chocolate “cheese”!!


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