Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday

If you have heard some happy shouting in the last couple of days it might be due to the fact that we are welcoming twin grandbabies!! 

andrea pregnant with twins

Last week I told Andrea I’d like to see how big she was…and this photo popped up on Facebook…She said, and I quote…”Got one baby pressing hard on my left hip, and the other digging into my right ribs.  Lots of Braxton Hicks last week, but hardly a one this week. I had hoped to have these babies in April…” Maybe those words were some kind of prayer because on April 30 at 2:30 am I got a call from Andrea.  Her water had broke and they were heading to the hospital.  I lay awake for a long time, thinking, praying and getting excited!  I had finally fallen back to sleep when I get another call, just before six.  They were checked into the hospital.  I asked if they took a taxi this time?  No, they drove.  Ben was able to find a close spot…two blocks away!  I kind of laughed.  Well, that is a pretty good spot for NY!  She said was now 4cm dilated and I remember thinking, “this is going to be awhile yet.”  Then about 7:30 Wally interrupted my shower to show me a picture…Two beautiful babies had arrived safe and healthy!  Liberty Alethia was the first to arrive at 8:30 (EST) weighing 5.11lb.  Nehemiah Elliot followed at 9:05 weighing 6.1lbs. 

the twins!!

My shouts have changed a little bit into ooing and ahhing as the photos start rolling out!. I just can’t believe it…two teeny tiny sweet babies!  Mom is doing well.  She sounds tired and I’m afraid that is not going to change any time soon!  But she looks great, doesn’t she?


Aren’t they precious?  Yesterday when I was on the phone with Andrea, they had just brought Nehemiah back from his circumcision and she was changing his diaper…I got to hear all kinds of little baby noises going on


Every time I go to say their names, I have to stop and think…they have big names for such little bundles!  They are heading home today and then the real adventure begins.  I can hardly wait to hear about Elaine and Nolan’s responses!  They’ve got big changes coming!  And then I can hardly wait to go and pick them all up in a big hug!  That won’t be until May 19.  Until then, thank you Grandma Hamilton for being there now and for all those who will step in to help!  We are all so very blessed! 

So, so much to be thankful for today!


Nicole said...

I'm sharing in your joy and thankfulness because Andrea had the twins on my birthday!! As soon as I found out she was due in April-May, I told her to have them on my birthday...and she did! So exciting!!

Congratulations, Grandma!! =)

Debbie said...

Congratulations, Grandma!! How exciting to have twins in the family! I know you must be so excited to meet them in person & cuddle & love on them!! Enjoy every moment with them~~and Elaine & Nolan too! Take lots of pictures to share with us!


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