Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This is our leadership circle from this year in Bible Study Fellowship.  We have met together on Saturday mornings since September and again on Monday nights for our class time.


This circle of women has blessed, challenged and encouraged me as we have studied God’s Word together.  They have shared so freely and transparently what God is showing them and how they are applying it in their life.  Thirty-one women who have said yes to God’s call on their life to serve Him. They have been faithful and committed. Many have had difficult things and trials come into their life this year and their “stick-to-it-iveness” (as my Mom would call it) has been a wonderful testimony of their dependence on the Lord  to do that which he has asked them to do.  How thankful I am for their part in my life.  Saturday we had our last Leader’s meeting…a breakfast Fellowship  at the Polo Club. (Part of my wild, wicked, wonderful week!)

img_7057Standing: Joanna, Annie, Cindy, Kristen, Joan, Tish, Bev, Sarah, Caroline, Liza, Susan, Debra, Alethea, and Gail. Seated: April, Tina, Debbie, Heather, Divina, Bethany, Rhonda, Carol. On the Floor: Gayle, Diana, LaRon, Julia, and Laura. We had two leaders absent, Patricia and Michelle.


This is Gail and Alethea.  Alethea is our teaching leader.  She prepares the training for our leaders each week and the lecture for our class.  Gail is our substitute teaching leader.  She brings the lecture in Alethea's absence.  She also teaches several seminars a year, presents the Welcome class information to new women, and leads discussion groups in a leader’s absence.  She is very busy, and flexible!! These two women have shown me humility and excellence in the way they serve!


This is me, Alethea, Gail and Debbie.  Together we make up the class staff.  Debbie is the children’s supervisor.  She trains the children’s leaders each week and heads up the School Program.  These women are more than co-laborers, they have blessed my life with their friendship!!


This is me, Gayle, April, and Tina. We make up the admin team for our class.  Gayle is the class secretary.  She once shared that she has “finally found her niche in BSF.”  I intend to remind her of that and keep her serving for as long as possible!  April has been the other side of my brain for several years now.  She always seems to read my mind, often before the thought arrives!  Tina is new to our team this year but it seems like she has been here with us all along!  I am particularly grateful that she and Gayle handle the technical side of things.  These three women have committed to serving again next year and for the first time in several years, we will begin class with a fully staffed and trained admin team!  Yeah!!!


These two ladies are Michelle and Ellen, the asst. treasurer and treasurer! Michelle stepped in midyear to be our assistant  and I am so pleased she loves what she is doing.  Ellen has been our treasurer for two years now.  The treasurer and asst. treasurer are part of the admin team, along with our class hosts.   And a couple of women  faithfully stay after class to wind up our ropes and help pick up anything that has been displaced during the night.  Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture of them…though I brought my camera, I got a little distracted and forgot.  

When the Lord asks you to do a certain task, He provides all that is necessary to complete that task.  He gives Himself, His Word, His strength and enabling, to name a few resources.  He also seems to provide you with this wonderful side benefit…other believers.  They encourage, help, work and teach all along the way.   They laugh with you, cry with you, and pray with you!   That is what I have been given many times and this year particularly, with these women who love the Lord!

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