Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Remember last week how I showed you a few thank-you cards on my Thankful Thursday post?  How about if I do it again?  Only these cards were made by my sister, Robin.  Last Friday I went to her house and toted along some supplies so she could make some cards.  So many people have been coming along side their family and doing so many wonderful things to help.  And this is just surgery recovery stage…chemo yet to come!  I have no doubt though that Robin and Terry will continue to be surrounded with love and care.  It is how God’s family cares for one another.  How very thankful I am for that too.

When I arrived last Friday, I almost had to take a number.  Robin’s living room was full of friends and I think someone else had been there earlier.  One couple departed.  This is Mary Byers with Robin.  She had brought lunch over…and enough fixings to make several more lunches!   Then she joined us in a little card making.  Before I left, a co-worker arrived with dinner. 


This card we CASED from Pinterest here.



And this card cam from Dawn’s Stamping Studio.  “Oh so cute!” as Dawn would say!

3x3 card by robin

While I was there Robin’s wound nurse, Vicky, stopped by.  She comes every other day to clean the wound and empty the wound vac.  Robin has an open wound in her belly…healing from the inside out.  I wasn’t too sure if that looked like a good thing.  Mary is also a nurse and she was really enjoying everything Vicky was doing.  When the vac was unhooked and the wound exposed, both Mary and Vicky were “oohing” and “aahing” over how beautiful it looked!  I just wasn’t seeing it.  It was kind of cool though that when a new sponge was inserted into the opening and the vac hooked back up, it kind of went “slerp” and closed over the hole.  I guess you had to be there! 


I don’t know if you can see the white box on Robin’s wrist or not…but it is taking Robin’s blood pressure.  I thought that was pretty interesting. 


Here’s Robin and Vicky, all  upright!  So thankful for you Vicky…and your  care and expertise!


And so thankful for you Robin, my sister and my friend!  I love you!

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love,
in honor giving preference to one another;
Romans 12:10

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