Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Showcase

img_6868  These are my favorite kind of spring showcase…all the flowers in bloom.  These tulips are outside my door and kind of different…they open wide like stars and close up tight at night.  That’s the only time I think they look like real tulips.  I thought I planted some red and yellow bulbs, but this is what came up!  I took a picture just a few days ago and today the daffodils and pansies seemed to have sprung and opened and the pansies are up…a real spring showcase!


Last Thursday Wally and I attended a spring showcase of another kind…for property management.  We even earned continuing education credits…if only we were still in school!  So we just took the nice certificate!


The day consisted of classes that cover all kinds of issues…from the marijuana issues, (now that it is legal in Colorado) to insurance  and technology helps.  Wally took in the technology class and I sat in on one called “What not to Wear.”  Then there was a hall where vendor and contractors were displaying their businesses.  We spent a lot of time there gathering contacts and info.  We also gathered a lot of paraphernalia!!  When you sign into the conference they hand you a pretty nice bag and we pretty much filled both of ours.  I kind of chuckled as I looked at one booth which was a law firm.  While most booths had snack size candy out, they had full size bags of skittles and M&M’s. 


Tablets, sticky note pads, pens, pencils, calculators, tons of chap sticks, those squishy stress reliever balls, mints in cute little boxes, high lighters, flashlights, hand sanitizers, magnetic clips, and candy!!  Even some trash cans on wheels and a couple of lounge chairs.  Just perfect for some little doll or stuffed animal.  So we took two of most things…and they are in a box to send to the grands!  (Sorry Andrea, but the kids will love it and you won’t feel bad when you toss it!)

At lunch we met up with Diane and Rebecca.  Rebecca is our boss and Diane is her assistant.


Also at lunch there was a motivational speaker.  I was kind of looking forward to hearing him speak except that the sound was so poor in the room, and there was a lot of lunch time conversation still going on…I could not understand one word.  And do you know who the speaker was?  Haven Moses, of the Denver Broncos…back in the day of  the Orange Crush!  (I can’t believe I even know that!)


And here’s a fine looking couple…Wally and me!


On the way out of the convention center, I snapped a picture of the Big Blue Bear, looking in.  (Rebecca’s idea)


And when we got outside we saw he was getting a scrub.  The Big Bear had recently been vandalized with green paint.  It’s been in the news… a.whole.lot!  We heard one reporter on the radio lamenting why it could not have happened to the ugly horse that greets everyone coming to the airport.  Talk about ugly and expensive!  If you live here, you know what I mean.


We stepped outside into a beautiful afternoon in downtown…wish we could have stayed and walked the mall! 

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